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Introduction to Perfumery:

  • Learn the basics of perfumery, including what perfumes are made of and how they’re created.

Fragrance Families:

  • Discover different types of fragrances like floral, fruity, woody, and Amber, and how they’re used in perfumery.

Understanding Ingredients:

  • Explore the various ingredients used in perfumes, such as the fragrance oils, perfume bases, and fixatives.

Blending Techniques:

  • Learn how to mix different fragrances to create new scent profiles.

Perfume Dosages:

  • Understand the dosages of perfumes, including a brief introduction into top, middle, and base notes.

Oil Based versus Alcohol Based Perfumes : 

  • You will learn the difference between the two options and what makes each unique.

Packaging and Presentation:

  • Explore the importance of packaging and presentation in perfume branding and marketing.

Costing and Profit:

  • Understand the costs involved and how to choose reliable suppliers.
  • Explore how to calculate the cost of your perfume formulations, including ingredient costs, packaging expenses.
  • Learn what pricing models to use for highest profit margins.

Production Process:

  • Learn the step-by-step process of producing your first batch of perfumes, from measuring ingredients to blending and bottling.

Suppliers List:

  • Learn who the reputable suppliers are and how to order from them.  You will receive our Basic Suppliers List which has 2 suppliers in each category (Fragrance oils, Bases, Boxes, Branding).  These suppliers will help you get started with your new perfume business.
  • We do not provide the Comprehensive A – Z Suppliers Database with 100+ suppliers as this Comprehensive A – Z Suppliers Database is reserved for the 1-on-1 Confident Start Masterclasses at Arrero Perfume Training www.arreroperfumetraining.co.za

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